Donostia-San Sebastián

While you are in Bilbao, save a day or two for Donostia-San Sebastian. The distance between two towns is around 100 kms. If you rent a car, the views you’ll  encounter during the roadtrip would be feast for your eyes, food for the soul…You may as well take the bus from Termibus station which takes around 1h 15 mins.

From where you get off the bus, it takes 20-25 minutes walk to the beach and old town.


Here is a simple plan:

Walk straight out to the beach, have a stroll on La Concha (on the left side) and Zurriola (on the right side)- watching the surfers wait for the waves is as calming as going fishing.


There are many pintxo bars here and there thoroughout the old town-parte vieja. I tried Casa Alcalde, very tasty pintxos and drinks- if you like sweet white wine, try txakoli wine.

#sweetdaydreaming everyone


#keepwalking :)