Pinta Malasaña 2017-Madrid

This event took place at the hipster, cool neighbourhood of Madrid, Malasaña-  100 artists were selected to be assigned to the walls and shutters of the barrio.

2017’s sponsors were Mahou, Nyx, Liquitex and Too Many Flash. This is a collaboration of local paper Somos Malasaña and Madrid Street Art Project, at its consecutive second year.

I was super excited to be there so arrived at Plaza del Dos de Mayo at 09:30 am on a Sunday morning- pretty rare when in Madrid! Started wandering around the streets that lead in and out of the plaza.

Have a look to find out the participating artists

Here is the route of artists that I followed:

  • Dloio at Calle Ruiz- with his partner Iris, they painted an epic Amy Winehouse portrait on the shutter of Cafe Ruiz, in grey, white and black. Be sure to follow him on Instagram if you are a fan of celebrity portraits.

#artist Dloio- April’17-Madrid

  • Cybersalsa at Calle Ruiz- She made her debut in the street art scene in Madrid also very talented on canvas. Her next exhibit will be in Malaga Art fair. Her rich family roots inspired her to become this amazing artist she is today.

#artist Cybersalsa- April’17-Madrid

  • Por Favorhh at Calle de la Palma 40 – He is one of the much established artists in Madrid, using stencil and spray paint to express love and tolerance. You may see more of his work at the corners of Madrid, keep your head up and keep searching!
  • Konair at Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo-  Super cool and famous street artist from Barcelona, famous for his crazy ice cream design. He has collaborated with another artist – SetaBcn at Pinta Malasana this year.
  • İbsenart at Calle Ruiz, 2 – This is your guy if you can’t get enough of geometrical designed wild animals- I’m a big fan of his work! Grab a few of his designs on stickers if you get to meet him and spread the love! He has painted 4 shutters overlooking to Plaza del Dos de Mayo.
  • Vivet at Calle de La Palma, 10 – This beautiful lady with a big heart and talent works for NGO’s at the moment, she is from United States.

Me and Vivet- April’17-Madrid

  • Taquen at Calle de La Palma – Neighbouring Vivet’s shutter is Taquen, another artist to be recognised with his line work.
  • Nuriatoll at Calle Velarde – Another genius in geometrical design is Nuriatoll with her orange coloured fishes in a bottle. She is one of the nicest people you can meet in this art scene.
  • Rata con Corbata at Calle Velarde – A man of few words with full concentration at his work, Aleix has painted an amazing abstract piece of art on the shutter next to Nuriatoll’s spot. He is an artist from Girona, Catalunya. Look for his work at C.A.L.L.E. Lavapies  which will take place again in Madrid in May’17.

#artist Rata con Corbata- April’17- Madrid

All artists above are on Instagram so feel free to follow the association Madrid Street Art Project and all the artists for their upcoming projects.




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